Powerful Shell for Windows .

Murad Shukurlu
3 min readJan 12, 2019


Hi friends, Today i want to talk about a powerful shell named Cmder . Firstly i want to give a short answer to questions below.I hope my thoughs will be helpfull .

  1. Why we are using shell?
  2. Why we need a powerful shell?

If you are a linux user probably u have experience with the terminal . Terminal gives us an oppatunity for doing commands more faster and easyl . I think a good programmer must comfortably work with terminal . If you have a bit experience with any modern framework such Laravel,Django or Ruby on Rails then i think you have at least minimal experience with working terminal (Remember creating any migration or running server via terminal) .

Secondly why we need to use Cmder? — like a powerful shell? If you are a user of windows and u are using the default shell of windows from cmd you know it has limitation working like a linux user for example if you want to use any linux command with default windows shell it will not be execute .In a short answer if you want to use linux commands on windows Cmder is a good choice for you .

We can try some linux commands on windows default shell .

  1. Grep command with a default windows shell

We see we can’t using a usefull linux command grep.

2.Cat command with default windows shell

We can try again another usefull linux command cat

So we are again unsuccessfull .

What is the oppatunity of Cmder?

We can try again grep and cat commands with Cmder on a windows machine .

Look at :

1.Greap command with Cmder

It works! Great!

Now we run cat with Cmder.

2. Cat command with Cmder

It works! As cat command function it returned us content of 1.txt file .

So how can we use Cmder? It is so easy!.

If you are using Chocolaty as a package manager you can download Cmder via with running :

choco install cmder -y

Otherwise you can get it from its site easly .

As a result Cmder is a great shell for me . As a developer i suggest you can practice with linux commands in the some points the commands is a life saver. Good luck.